Claudee Galipeau


Hello! I am Claudee Galipeau, I am 33 years old I live in the countryside in the Outaouais in Quebec, with my husband and my two sons. I’m an economic development officer and my husband is the manager of a garage in our small town. Tupperware has been in my life for a long time, I was raised with this product because my grandmother sold it in the 70’s in the same region.In September 2013 when I wanted to embark on this adventure,  I was convinced of the quality due to the fact that my mother and all my aunts still had some in their cupboards. I honestly wanted to take advantage of the discount and be able to fill my pantry.Never could I have imagined myself being in a position like I am today, being blessed with an amazing team and being able to sell the best products. I love the sales hustle and being able to meet so many great people.I am now a director and my goal is to earn as many trips Tupperware has to offer as well as the bonuses.The future belongs to those who believe in it, and this is just the beginning.

TEAM:   Les Valley Girls

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2020 Qualified for Nissan Rogue
I chose the cash bonus instead

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