Michèle Minor-Corriveau


So here’s my TuppStory. I had a party, many moons ago. I fell in love with the PowerChef. So much so, that I wanted another, for the cottage. As it happens, the ‘say yes’ deal of the month was a Power Chef. So my beautiful director and amazing friend, Chantal Castonguay-Lalonde, who always has her friends’ best interest at heart, nudged me in the way of buying the business kit, as it would be the most cost-effective option. I was determined not to sell. I even said as much in all the groups that she added me to. I had no expectations. I even wanted her to redeem my coupon for me. Being the shewed business woman that she is, she insisted that this part, I need to do on my own. So I did. Then I saw the samples, and decided I would create a group on FaceBook, for my close friends and family, so that I could pass on some savings to them. In what seemed like no time, I had reached level 7 of the Confident Start Program, and was submitting orders weekly. I was promoted to manager 7 weeks after placing my first order. I thought it was premature. I was convinced it was a lucky month, and that I was sure not to
maintain that status for the following month. Then, some of my recruits began taking it more seriously, and my status kept climbing. I am now Director of this amazing team, that will be known as The Eco-Echos. The meaning is twofold : yes, we are environmentally conscious and we aim to reduce our carbon footprint, as the first part of the name suggests. But we are also as reverberating as an echo, bouncing ideas off each other and feeding off each other’s successes. Even when an echo can no longer be
heard, it is still creating waves, far off in the distance. We will continue to lift and build each other up, and that is what this is all about. To be generous with our energy, our knowledge, and most of all, our environmentally-friendly products. Let’s help put Tupperware in the hands of all who strive to be eco-friendly in our world of disposable consumption.

Team: Les Eco-Echos

Trips and promotions that I earned
2020 Trip for 2 to Hawai

Cars provided by Tupperware:
Qualified for the 2020 Nissan Rogue 
2021 Qualified for the Chevrolet Malibu 2LT
I chose the cash bonus instead

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E-mail: tupperlady25@gmail.com
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