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My tupperstory
As I stand behind my chair, 26 years later, I’m thinking to myself, is this it? Where will I be in 5 years? Ready to retire with what stability, what income, what’s my plan?My name is Mimi. I’m 49 years old and above all, I am a wife and a proud mother of 3 wonderful boys. On a professional note, I’m a hairstylist/color specialist/educator and a business owner of a small beauty salon in Hanmer, Ontario, Canada. I’ve done everything I wanted to achieve in my 26 year career including gain several unwanted physical ailments that are winning the race against time. The day I decided to change my failed yearly « New Year’s resolution » of losing weight to organizing my pantry, was the day that my life would change forever in a way I had no idea of knowing.Manon Robillard is married to my brother and she has always been a close sister in law to me. I love her dearly. When she decided to join Tupperware to get a discount on her pretty bowls, she likes so much, this rang a bell in my head and I thought, « organize my pantry, deal, save money ». I then joined Manon’s Tupperware team for the discount like many, many, many women out there. I would keep my catalog at my work station and get a few sales here and there from clients. I thought to myself, if I can get some free stuff, hey, why not!!Then, Covid hit!My Plan had to be altered and this saving money on Modular Mate thing was changing into an opportunity that I didn’t quite understand as of yet. Still wet behind the ears, I went with the flow and went beyond my comfort level to go live and do virtual Parties. The orders came in. I was succeeding at a pace that I couldn’t keep track of and honestly didn’t fully understand. All I knew, I was doing well. It made me feel alive! Days fell into weeks, weeks into months. As a consultant, I became manager, then star and executive. Today, 5 months later from saying yes to organizing my pantry, I am a director. How did I get here? Not sure how this process was meant for me, but it is and I’m having the time of my life feeling more confident than ever. With this said, I’m going with it and I thank the stars above every day for what I have, where I’m at and the blessed souls I have crossed paths with along the way. I no longer wonder where I’ll be in 5 years or how I’m gonna survive financially. This is my Tupperware story. 

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