Chantal Castonguay Lalonde

2 Stars Director

Who would’ve thought that the simple purchase of a Smidget would lead me to this article!
Unbeknownst to me at the time of my purchase, many other people were interested in the product and I boldly decided to take a leadership role and become a consultant. Thus, the birth of Shooting Stars Tupperware was announced! The shooting star symbol represents the chance to make all your dreams come true. Having to coordinate life’s natural curves it was important to me that my family remained my priority. Tupperware has allowed me to not only involve my family but to also show them the importance of determination and good work ethics. This has led me to excellence, and I was happily able to reward my family of 6 to a trip to Disney World, to visit the Canadian East Coast and to purchase a fishing boat all in the same summer. To be honest, my original goal was to earn free pots and pans!
Additionally, Tupperware has allowed me to embrace the joys of connecting with others. I’m fortunate to have met other leaders, great people and to have a wonderful team full of individuals that have the same extraordinary motivation that I do! That said, earning a car, earning a trip to Florida, Hawaii, New York and the Bahamas are amongst my many blessings!
Furthermore, I personally enjoy the product; I quickly prepare healthy meals and I’m connected to other people. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Tupperware Team and I take great pride in being able to help others reach their dreams! The personal gratifications are endless!
It is with much gratefulness that my life has changed because of Tupperware!

TEAM:   Shooting Stars

Trips and promotions that I earned
Qualified for a trip to Disney
Qualified for a trip to Hawaï
Qualified for a trip to Florida

Cars provided by Tupperware:
2020 Qualified for Nissan Rogue,
Chevrolet Traverse and the Acadia
2021 Qualified for the Cadillac XT4
I chose the cash bonus instead

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