Pam Durocher

2 Stars Director

My Tupperware adventure started 13 years ago. I had a 2 year old daughter and 6 month old twin daughters and was a fulltime Emergency Room Nurse. My daughters had multiple food allergies and I needed Modular Mates and wanted a discount. I was one of those ladies who never wanted to party.
But I gave it a try and never looked back. Tupperware quickly became my “fun” job.
The confidence I gained with Tupperware has opened so many doors for me.
In 2013, I became a Director for the first time and earned a second trip to Disney World and this time fulfilled a dream and brought my family. Then life happened and I had to make the decision to step back from being a Director. The flexibility of this job made it possible to continue to support my team ad business on my own time.
In 2017, I decided it was time to rebuild and achieve some more goals and stepped back into my Director position and rebuilt a Tupperific team of women and men. I am able to help people change their lives and impact their families. There is no better feeling when you see people reach for their goals and achieve them.
Over the years with the extra income we have been able to pay off our mortgage, drive a car paid by Tupperware and earned countless gifts and rewards. It is truly an amazing company and I am proud to be a Tupperlady.

Team: Tupperifics

Cars provided by Tupperware:
Drove Chevrolet Sonic (2018)
Qualified for Acadia 
2021 Qualified for the Cadillac XT4

Trips and promotions that I earned
Qualified for Disney (3x)
Attend the New Directos Seminar in Orlando
Qualified for elite trip to Orlando
Completed, the WOW Grow program in April 2020 (25K$)

Phone: (705)494-9389
Buy online: