Sylvie Falardeau


My name is Sylvie Falardeau, a 37-year old high school teacher and single mom to two beautiful children.

I was first introduced to Tupperware in 2016 when I decided to attend a friend’s party.
I had been looking everywhere for divided containers for the kids’ lunches, and couldn’t find anything I liked in stores, so I decided I could find some at the party.
I soon discovered that Tupperware was far more than just plastic bowls! I was amazed by all the products available, the versatility of the tools, and most of all by how you can find the perfect container for anything
and everything! I asked the consultant if I could host a party at my place afterwards because I wanted all that stuff for free! That’s when I fell in love with Tupperware and became a consultant on the spot. I was amazed by all the rewards that Tupperware was offering, and I still
am to this day. I have earned tons of free merchandise, a trip to Hawaii, a vehicle, and much more, just by doing what I love to do—socializing, connecting with people, and making recipes.
Tupperware has allowed me to be a lot more flexible financially. The most important things I have acquired, however, don’t come with a price tag: lasting friendships, leadership, and self-confidence.
I love being part of a team of strong individuals who encourage each other, who uplift one another, and who help each other achieve their dreams. With Tupperware, anything is possible.

Team: Tup Achievers

Trips and promotions that I earned
2020 Trip for 2 to Hawai

Cars provided by Tupperware:
2020 Qualified for the Nissan Rogue , I chose the cash Bonus instead.
2021 Qualified for the Chevrolet Malibu 2LT

Tel: (705)442-0082
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