Terri Caplin


Image from the 2019 Summer Catalog

Team:  Trendsetters

Trips and promotions that I earned
– free trip to Hemingway, South Carolina 
-Free trip to Orlando head office where I was pampered when I was chosen to represent Tupperware Canada for the Tupperware catalogue for North America spring  2019
-Trip to Hawaii but chose the technologly package

Cars provided by Tupperware:
In the late 90’s earned my first car -a Chevy Montana.
I chose the cash option for the vehicle for so many years since I don’t drive.
2017 Chevy Sonic 
2019 Chevy Trax and now I am back again with the cash option.

Terri Caplin 
Tel: (905) 568-9802
E-mail: tncaplin@hotmail.com
Buy online: Expresso.my.tupperware.ca